If You Want to Hear God, Be Quiet and Listen

“Pause a moment, Job, and listen; consider the wonderful things God does.”

Job 37:14 GNT

Sometimes we adults become spiritually unsettled and we can’t seem to get still and be quiet. We become easily distracted and our focus is taken off of God and placed on other things/people in life.

But we have to learn to be quiet in order to hear God speak. If we want to hear God’s vision, then we’re going to have to be willing to turn off the radio…turn off the television…put the cell-phone down in order to hear God. You can’t listen to God and to the television/radio/computer/cell-phone at the same time!

It is possible you feel God never speaks to you because you’re never quiet. Something is always going on in your mind, so while God is trying to get through to you, all He’s getting is a busy signal. You’ve got to reserve time alone with God.

Your Heavenly Father wants to spend time with you. He’s telling us to pause, be quiet, get alone with Him and learn solitude so He can speak with us.

Your Heavenly Father has much to tell you through His Word but you have to pick it up and listen! You’ll never hear God if you won’t open His book and learn from Him. You’ll never hear God if you don’t meditate upon what He says and how it applies to your life. You’ll never hear from God if you don’t spend some time with Him in prayer and conversation.

Have you ever taken an entire day and done nothing but be alone with God? An entire day to talk with Him in prayer. And entire day relaxing with Him in His Bible. Thinking, meditating, setting goals, shifting priorities. Spending the day with God saying, “Father, show me what you want me to see. Send me where you want me to go. Accomplish through me what you want to see done.”

I have and I tell you, it’s life changing.

God speaks to people who take time to listen—not just for a day but also on a regular basis. This is why we call it a “quiet time.” It’s a time when we have intimate conversation with our Heavenly Father.

God is waiting to hear from you!

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