Screens are so important in our culture, RCC places an emphasis on making sure video resources are available to help people dive into or discover their faith.  

Sermon Video from the past handful of Sermons are available to watch on our site.  This is helpful if you had to miss a Sunday or if you're exploring our site to see if you'd like to visit our church.  These messages are available to stream live on our Facebook page HERE. 

We know that life gets busy. Having time to sit down and reflect on Scripture sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. These short, 2-3 minute Quick Bible Moments can help you reflect on and apply God's Word in the midst of a busy day.  

We all wrestle with the big questions of faith sometimes.  In these extended videos, you can hear (roughly ten minute) answers from the Bible to some of life's hardest questions.  If you have a question you would like covered, please click HERE to email our Senior Minister, Scott.